Red Hat

  • Unix History
  • Unix Basics
  • What is Linux
  • Linux History
  • Specialties
  • Famous Linux Distributions
  • GNU GPL, Applications of Linux
  • RedHat Linux, Versions, Platform Supports, System requirement.

ls, pwd, mkdir, cd, rm, rmdir,echo, cat, alias, bc, cp, gzip, gunzip, kill, mail, man, cmp, more, find, passwd ,ps, whoami, tty. Whatis, whereis

uniq, head, tail, cut, paste, grep, find, locate, slocate, aspel, wall, write, mail, ps, iostat, Vmstat

Preparing for installation, Minimum H/W Requirement, Different modes of installation - Fresh/Upgrade, Workstation Server, Custom - Hard Disk Naming concepts, Partitioning the hard disk – Disk Druid, Network Configuration, Security Configuration, Creating Installation boot disk from the CD-ROM.

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