Network Security
Network Security In the modern world of global communications, network security is a constantly changing landscape, with threats arising faster than security analysts can manually track. This presents a clear division between the demands placed on a security team and the increasing pressure from potential threats.

At SecNet, when we engage with a new customer we often find an organisation trying its best to keep a strong operational security presence, but cannot manage to keep resources in line with demands to mitigate potential breaches of security. Partnering with Impress for your security needs bridges this gap and brings peace of mind to your organisations network security requirements.
  network security

Our security analysts are CISCO certified, with many years experience under their belts - this experience ensures you can feel safe in the knowledge your network has a strong first line of defence from potential external threats. However, threat analysis does not stop at the front door with the growing popularity of mobile devices and portable units todays networks are under threat from multiple points of entry, therefore a strong internal presence is needed to ensure nothing rogue sneaks in via a laptop or USB-based device. With high-level skills in anti-virus software, network sniffing tools, threat analysis, and advice and guidance Impress have the depth of knowledge and experience to ensure any partnership with our customers is a confident one.